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Brewmaster Products

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Price List Notes

Some items have special notes regarding extra charges, shipping limitations, or other information. These are denoted by an asterisk (*) followed by a number in the description of the item. Please read and understand these notes before you order.

NOTE *1 Item numbers ending in B are bulk items and are generally sold by the pound. We may ship in mixed size bags equal to the full amount. The minimum order for bulk grains is 10# for specialties, and full bags for base malts. 1# minimum for hops and chemicals. Add $0.10 per pound for cracked grains.
NOTE *2 Minimum order for bulk base malts (Pale, 2-Row, Pilsen) is a full bag.
NOTE *3 Special order item only.
NOTE *4 Extra charge applies for UPS packing.
NOTE *5 UPS charges an additional handling fee of $6.50 per shipping unit.
NOTE *6 UPS shipping only at your request & risk. Items are not insured by UPS or Brewmaster.
NOTE *7 Truck shipment or Will Call only.
NOTE *8 Hazardous Materials. Extra charges apply for UPS or Truck shipping.
NOTE *9 We charge extra for pallets on shipments of full pallets of beer and wine bottles.
NOTE *10 Special order liquid yeasts. Please place order for non-stock liquid yeast (wine, cider, sake, lambic, etc.) by Friday for delivery the following Friday.
NOTE *11 Prices on grape presses, crushers, destemmers, and stainless tanks are subject to change in July of each year.